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rossi kennedy teaches piano in upstate sc
with international experience!

My son has special needs so we needed a piano teacher who could work with him. Luckily, we found Mrs Kennedy a year ago. She was always so patient, kind and understanding and willing to work around his needs without exceptions while she always provided a musical stimulating environment in which my son can grow and progress with and amazon pace.

My son loves her and cannot wait to go to his piano classes which is priceless to us.

I would highly recommend het to any one.

Susan Kozma

Greenville, SC

I have been a colleague of Rossi for about ten years in Australia. We studied together at Sydney University and then she went on to do a Masters degree. During her studies and after, Rossi built up a reputable and successful piano teaching business. She taught at both schools in Sydney and at her private studio. I would highly recommend her for her piano teaching ability. I also know she learnt from a pupil of a pupil of Chopin in Bulgaria.

Keryn Traversi

BMus, BTeach, Grad Dip. Music Therapy

I have known Rossitza for the past 2 years as my son Joshua's piano teacher. Rossitza is a kind, passionate and highly dedicated piano teacher. She is an inspiration to Josh, and makes sure that he enjoys his learning experience.

She encourages him in the choices he makes, but allows him to make his own decisions. She works hard to ensure that he not only learns to play the piano but also understands the theory of music. Rossitza also regularly organizes concerts, which give all her students a chance to perform in public.

Josh thoroughly enjoys lessons with Rossitza. The lessons are well structured, interesting and fun. Rossitza is very patient with him, making him feel confident and gaining his trust. He has achieved a huge amount in the last 2 years, has happily performed at several concerts, completed his Grade 1 exam, and is currently beginning work for Grade 2 exams.

I would not hesitate to recommend Rossitza
to any potential future students

Caroline Billingham

New South Wales Australia

I have known Rossitza Kennedy for the past two years. She graduated with her Master of Music degree in October 2003 following three sessions of successful study on a range of musical subjects, but with a focus on Music Education.

It is a great credit to Rossitza that she succeeded in the degree program after quite a short time in Australia and with all the difficulties associated with being in a new country and bringing English language skills to a high standard.

Rossitza is a committed teacher who is dedicated to achieving the best possible results with her students through research pedagogy. She graduated with her music teaching degree following a thorough 5 years training in Bulgaria. Her musical skills are wide ranging and developed. She has considerable professional experience as pianist, piano teacher and accompanist.

I can highly recommend Rossitza as a reliable and dedicated musician.

Dr Christine Logan
Head School of Music and Music Education

The University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia

In my opinion, Ms Kennedy possesses the right blend of humor, seriousness of purpose, commitment and a high degree of organizational skills required of a very good teacher. Her generally humorous, calm and sympathetic demeanor will be a reassuring sign for her students and provide a good basis for her to develop the potential of each student. This much was evident during her studies for the MMus degree at this university. Humor is major attribute in teaching, and Ms Kennedy has the touch.

The courses Ms Kennedy took to complete her MMus degree involved several important aspects of learning and teaching in music. Especially important were aspects of the psychology of learning and teaching, musical development, and the complex issues involved in music pedagogy generally. The MMus degree is designed to provide higher level of thinking and more sophisticated pedagogical ability beyond that of the undergraduates degree. Ms Kennedy demonstrated high levels of commitment, and sustained effort throughout the demanding MMus program. Such attribute are important components in good classroom teaching, and teaching generally. She will be an asset to any staffroom.

I have no doubt at all that she will be a most valuable member of the teaching staff in any school. I recommend her highly.

Professor Dr. Robert Walker
School of Music and Music Education

The University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia

My accordion teacher Rossi inspires me to go extra mile in playing my accordion. Rossi's understanding, teaching heart, guidance and expertise excites me to play more and more. I feel blessed that I found her.

Rosey Hawthorne

Belton, SC

Rossitza Kennedy has been my now 11 year old daughter's piano teacher for the last 2 1/2 years, during which time she has successfully completed three AMEB exams (II/III/IV) with the Grades A, A and B+.

My son, now age 9, was encouraged to take up the piano when he saw children younger than himself taking part in a Concert organized by Rossitza. He has now been playing for 2 years and has also completed two AMEB exams (Preliminary/I) with the Grades A and B+.

I am extremely pleased with the progress that the children have made and they are rightly proud of their achievements in these exams. However, more than this we all value Rossitza as a teacher for her patience and enthusiasm which means that the children have the motivation to practice. They love to play new pieces and between exams is happy to allow them to explore their individual styles outside the confines of the exam syllabus.

She has fostered in them a love of playing both for the pleasure of playing in itself and for the satisfaction of completing exams. They respect and admire her playing and enjoy their lessons even if they sometimes come at the end of a tiring week at school.

Another important aspect of Rossitza's programme is that she encourages the children to play in public by organising a local concert where her pupils perform for each other and their families. These are lovely events where the children can see the progress they are all making and they gain so much confidence from the support they receive.

The children are growing up with public performances being a regular part of their music experience, and every time they have this opportunity their nerves lessen and their confidence grows. Our family feels lucky to have Rossitza as our piano teacher and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Laura Davis

Sydney Australia

I have known Rossitza Kennedy (nee Djangozova) for more than three years as a piano accompanist for me in my learning to play the tenor saxophone. She has successfully accompanied me for five Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) examinations from grades 2 to 6 and accompanied me in two public performance recitals. She has also taught me some initial piano lessons. I am a mature aged student who has previously played clarinet and always wanted to play saxophone and she has simnifically helped me to realize these long held personal aspirations.

Rossi is an outstanding pianist with very high qualifications from her native Bulgaria and a Masters degree in Music from the Australian University of NSW, based in Sydney. Rossitza was taught piano in Bulgaria where musicians gain their recognition largely by the highly disciplined public performance of learner music, which has given her great performance skills. She prepares thoroughly by carefully analyzing the structure, sequences and harmonies of the music to be played and then by meticulously mastering each section, with increasing tempo and dynamics. As a result, Rossitza is a highly disciplined and competent performer who performs flawlessly in public recitals with great personal controls, style and enjoyment. In her accompaniment ant teaching, she always offers supportive and encouraging advice to improve the student's performance.

Her approach is to ensure that the student has mastered each incremental musical step fully, before progressing to higher levels of difficulty. She has extremely high standards in her professionalism and a wonderful ability to teach student and adults of all ages. In particular she has taught students from ages four upwards and always capture a wonderful sense of fun and enjoyment in her lessons while providing supportive and encouraging feedback to the learner. In short, she displays a great passion for teaching young children in particular to play the piano. Her knowledge and understanding of the important theory of music is equally high. Rossitza's bright and positive interpersonal skills and her ability to express herself in English enable her to communicate easily with her students and their parents.

Overall she is a very confident and where necessary, an appropriately assertive person, who is clearly focused on achieving the desired outcomes in whatever situation. In my professional role I am the equivalent of an American Superintendent of Schools and have a deep understanding of all aspects of teaching and learning. However I am not permitted to provide professional references for anyone in that capacity. So I am providing this reference simply in my personal capacity as a mature aged male student of music of 68 years of age.

In summary, I whole heartedly recommend Rossitza as a teacher of piano to children and adults of all ages. I am confident that through her high level of musical skills, personal diligence and understandings of the needs of learners that she will provide you with an outstanding level of service. I would certainly continue to employ her as a piano accompanist if she were to return to Australia as I really miss her contributions to my own further musical education.

James Coleborne
Mature Aged Student of the Tenor Saxophone

Sydney Australia

My daughter has been receiving piano tuition from Rossi Kennedy for more than two years. In this time Rossi has proven herself to be a great teacher and wonderful with children well as adults.

Rossi has a very gentle but firm approach to teaching. While she is softly spoken and very sweet by nature, she is committed to getting the best out of her students. She is very encouraging and supportive without being overly complimentary. While my daughter has struggled at times with regular practice, she has always enjoyed taking lessons with Rossi.

My daughter appreciates her nurturing and kind nature as well as her clear directions. Her gentle methods of persuasion and respect for her students means that my daughter now practices regularly, takes personal enjoyment from learning the piano and has achieved great results in her AMEB examinations.

Rossi also taught me for a period of time. As an adult with no musical experience (nor talent) she provided me the encouragement and confidence to learn for my own pleasure. I found her teaching techniques to be just as effective with adults. I look forward to resuming my lessons with her in the future.

Rossi's tuition is complimented by the twice-yearly recitals she encourages all her students to participate in. This provides students with an incentive to keep improving as well as providing invaluable experience and confidence in performing to audiences.

Rossi is passionate about the piano and teaching. Which in my mind sets her apart from many music teachers. I could not recommend Rossi enough as a piano teacher for both children and adults.

Zeynep Selcuk

Sydney Australia