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Piano, Kids 3 & 4 Years of Age

Start laying the foundation for a lifetime of joyful music making! Stimulate your child’s senses and brain.

With Kids Beat, young children explore music using fun and colorful props including flash cards, drawing books, backing trucks, stickers, and amazing piano accompaniments with some famous tunes and superb arrangements.

Children sing, move, and dance to the music!

3 Year Old Student
Piano Recital, Pecknel Music

music education for your child

  • Students get twice as much time with the program instructor than the average studio.
  • Students learn 50 songs in their first 3 months in the program.
  • Learning on the World’s Best Piano, Steinway.
  • We offer the Best Public Performance opportunities for your students, Five Times a Year.

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The Student Mastery Piano & Accordion Programs

The Student Mastery Program is once a week program for students ages 3 and 4. Your child will be able to learn the correct hand position and seating position from the first lesson. Your child will be able to clap in perfect rhythm from rhythm drills in the method book. Did you know it’s possible for your child to sound beautiful from the very first day of playing? Students fly thru their books 2x-3x faster then any other studio. Learning new songs in as little as 3 minutes with our Perfect Practice Process so you can avoid that new student struggle experience. Play songs you recognize from day one. Our students move faster then the average studio through their material.

rossi kennedy
30 day guarantee

Free consultation

Please contact us for a free 15-minute student readiness assessment and introductory class. We believe 100% in what we do and have the confidence to make the following promise: If you join our program and your student doesn’t like it, we will completely refund your first month of tuition.


This piano teacher is patient! She is kind! She is creative! She makes the journey with a 4 & almost 2 year old so enjoyable.

Christian Schrimpf

Greenville, SC

Rossi is an excellent musician and teacher. She is always relaxed, patient, and encouraging and makes lessons enjoyable. She truly cares for her students. My son has learned so much from her over the 3 years he has been taking lessons. He achieved a "Superior" rating at the music festival the last 2 years and learned to read music quickly. He loves showing his accomplishments at the spring and fall recitals.

I highly recommend her!

Shanda Davey

Pelzer, SC