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Simpsonville sC Piano & Accordion Lessons

Beginner to professional musicians of all skill levels can be found at Rossi Kennedy Music Studio. Everyone can find something here. We are here to support you, no matter what your goals may be. We provide lessons in our Pelzer, SC studio, just a short drive from Simpsonville, South Carolina. Additionally, the music instructions are also provided at the First Presbyterian Academy Shannon Forest Campus in Greenville.

Accordion lessons

Rossi Kennedy has experience teaching piano and accordion in the USA, Australia, and Europe. She teaches her students, who range in age from 4 years old to adults, using a variety of inspirational books from around the world. The earlier you start, the better, in her opinion, is the key to success. However, it is never too late to begin.

She use games, stories, rhythm activities, drawing, and playing well-known songs from day one. Even the youngest children successfully participate in competitions, exams, and recitals.

From the first day of classes, students and teachers perform duet compositions.

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For students ages 4 and up, adults, and advanced students, the Student Mastery Program is a once-weekly course. From the very first lesson, your student will be able to learn the proper hand position and seating position. From the rhythm drills in the method book, your student will be able to clap in perfect time. Did you know that your student can sound beautiful from the very first day they play? Student reading rates are 2–3 times higher than those of any other studio. With our Perfect Practice Process, you can learn new songs in as little as 3 minutes and avoid the struggles that new students experience. Play music that you’ve known since birth. Our students finish their courses faster than most students.


  • Custom Lessons Plan
  • Parent Success Guide
  • Student Success Guide
  • Student Time Line
  • Checklist
  • Email and phone support
  • Study Material
  • Teach students about various musical genres and styles, including Broadway, romantic, 20th-century, baroque, hymns, Disney, and music from various cultures.
30 day guarantee

Free consultation

For a free 15-minute student readiness assessment and introductory class, please get in touch with us. We have complete confidence in what we do and are willing to promise the following: We will fully refund your first month of tuition if you enroll in our program and your student is unsatisfied.

adult piano lessons


It's never too late to start learning music

Have you ever wished you had learned to play an instrument as a child? Many adults hold this opinion. Incredibly, 82% of Americans state that they wish they had learned to play a musical instrument.

Are you among them?

The adult students at Rossi Kennedy Music Studio range from beginners to advanced musicians. Regardless of your goals, we are here to assist students from Simpsonville, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

What to Anticipate

In Rossi Kennedy Music Studio, our students :

  • From the very first day, students should start learning the fundamentals of music (a steady beat, rhythm, and note reading), so they are ready to learn any genre they choose.
  • Get the benefits of music lessons that science has shown (like lowering stress, raising IQ, giving a creative outlet, and slowing the aging process, to name a few)!
  • Learn music in a comfortable setting that caters to their musical goals and interests.
  • Are shown how to practice music at home so that they can do it well.
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  • Lessons customized to your interests & objectives.
  • All new students will receive a Getting Started Packet that will instruct them on how to practice effectively and successfully.
  • Continually available makeup lessons in case you get sick or are away from home.
  • Recitals & Socials at musical venues throughout the

Simpsonville StudentS F.A.Q.

What will a Mastery Accelerator Program student experience?
  • In comparison to an average studio, students spend twice as much time with the program instructor. One of the keys to our success is this.
  • So that they don’t struggle at home, students learn all of the music with the teacher.
  • Within weeks of beginning the program, students learn to perform with a professional piano accompaniment, which makes them sound fantastic when they perform for grandma and grandpa.
  • Our Perfect Playing Practice Process is taught to students. Our trick for making students sound fantastic and feel experienced!
  • In our spring and fall recitals, Rossi performs with beginner students in a duet while the advanced students play alone.
  • Within a few months of starting the Program, students are able to play songs from radio and popular movies.


What do you get when you join the program?

This is the main method by which students advance. Every week, students are taught new ideas and six songs to perform for their parents at home. Unlike 90% of studios that teach concepts and then make the students practice at home, they learn the entire music with us. Complete the books for beginners in record time. Our students finish their coursework more quickly than the typical student. You can quickly pick up new songs with our Perfect Playing Practice Process and avoid the challenges of being a “new student.” Because each musical piece has lyrics, even beginning students can sing along as they play.


Is practice difficult?

It’s not necessary to be. When students enroll in our premier lesson program, we provide each parent with a step-by-step guide to assisting their student’s success. We demonstrate to you how we have success with students. Occasionally after just three minutes of practice.


What should be anticipated following the initial 30 or 60 minute weekly lesson?

You may be surprised to learn that students can sound proficient from the very first lesson. It’s true! The student will learn all the foundational skills for steady, smooth playing in this initial hour-long lesson with us.


Are there going to be any public performances?

Our students sound fantastic and produce superior results. We want everyone to know about it! Rossi will prepare your student to perform at our spring and fall shows after a few months. You’ll see how happy your student is when he or she plays the music for family and friends. It’s such a powerful way to get our students excited and motivated.

Students achieve superior results when they perform at Auditions for the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival or in the Royal Conservatorium of Music and the Governor School of Music.

  • Learning on the World’s Best Piano, Steinway.

  • We offer the Best Public Performance opportunities for your students, Five Times a Year.

Are there any student awards?

Students receive honors for their accomplishments. When they complete their 30 or 40 piece challenge sheets, they will win prizes. For demonstrating consistent progress over the course of a given month, semester, or year, they will receive prizes.

Simpsonville testimonials

We have been very happy with Mrs Kennedy
as our child's first piano teacher.
She has challenged our daughter on a weekly basis
with the music assigned and has also made sure
to keep the theory work priority.
She is a very kind teacher but at the same time make sure
that the student is learning the correct techniques.
Also we as parents love attending the recitals
she organizes for all of her students.

Katherine Hoerl

Simpsonville, SC

Mrs. Rossi Kennedy is a pleasure to work with.
She is very cooperative and not overbearing.
Mrs. Kennedy is very professional at her job.
I have a six year old son whom she is teaching
and he is overactive at times
and she is very patient with him.

Annette Del Grande

Simpsonville, SC