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Accordion lessons

Rossi Kennedy worked as a piano and accordion teacher in three continents: Europe, Australia and USA. She uses a variety of inspirational books from around the world to teach her students as young as 4 yrs of age. She believes the secret to success is the earlier the better. But it’s never too late to start.

She use games, stories, rhythm activities, drawing, playing famous tunes from day one without even knowing the musical alphabet yet. Even the youngest attend competitions, exams and recitals with a  great success.

Students play duet compositions with her from the first day of starting lessons.

rossi accordion lessons
student mastery piano program

The Student Mastery Piano & Accordion Programs

The Student Mastery Program is once a week program designed specifically for students ages 4 and up, adults and advanced students. Your student will be able to learn the correct hand position and seating position from the first lesson. Your student will be able to clap in perfect rhythm from rhythm drills in the method book. Did you know it’s possible for your student to sound beautiful from the very first day of playing? Students fly thru their books 2x-3x faster then any other studio. Learning new songs in as little as 3 minutes with our Perfect Practice Process so you can avoid that new student struggle experience. Play songs you recognize from day one. Our students move faster then the average through their material.

Student videos

Bonuses for students

  • Custom Lessons Plan
  • Parent Success Guide
  • Student Success Guide
  • Student Time Line
  • Checklist
  • Email and phone support
  • Study Material
  • Teach students various styles and genre of music: popular, pop, classical, boogie, Broadway,
    romantic, 20 century, baroque, hymns, Disney, different culture of music…..
rossi kennedy

Student's lessons frequent questions

What will a student experience in the Mastery Accelerator Program?
  • Students learn 100 songs in their first 3 months in the program
  • Students get twice as much time with the program instructor than the average studio. This is one of the secrets of our results
  • Students learn all music with the teacher, so they don’t struggle at home
  • Students learn to play with a professional piano accompaniment within weeks of joining the program, so they sound really good when they play for grandma and grandpa.
  • Students learn our Perfect Playing Practice Process. Our secret to helping students sound great and feel like a pro!
  • Students learn to play front of a big audience and some perform with the teacher duet in our spring and fall Recitals
  • Students can play tunes from the radio and popular movies within months of beginning the Program.


What do you get when you join the program?

This is the main way students make progress. Each week, students learn new concepts and a half-dozen songs to play for mom and dad at home. They learn all the music with us, unlike 90% of studios that teach concepts and then force the students to practice at home. Fly through your beginner’s books in record time. Our students move faster than the average studio through their material. With our Perfect Playing Practice Process, you can learn new songs in as little as 3 minutes and avoid the “new student” struggle. Beginner students can sing their tunes while playing; each musical piece comes with words.


Is practice a struggle?

It doesn’t have to be. When you join our premier lesson program, we give each parent a guide to helping their student succeed. We show you how we get results with students. Sometimes with as little as 3 minutes of practice.

What can be expected after the first music session?

Did you know that it’s possible for students to sound good from their first lesson? It’s true! In this very first session that student will have with us, they will learn all the basics and fundamental of steady, smooth playing in one hour.


Will there be any public performances?

Our students sound great. And we want the world to know it! After a few months, your student will be invited to perform for our spring and fall performances to showcase the superior results of their lessons. You will see how your student light up when he/ she share the music with friends and family. It’s such a powerful motivator and encouragement to our students.

Rossi encourages her students to take performance and theory auditions at prestigious music organizations, e.g. Governor School, Royal Conservatorium of Music, National Federation of Music Clubs organization. Her students achieve superior results at their auditions.

  • Learning on the World’s Best Piano, Steinway.

  • We offer the Best Public Performance opportunities for your students, Five Times a Year.

Are there any awards for students?

Students get awarded for their achievements. They will receive prizes achieving their 30 or 40 piece challenge sheets. They will receive prizes for showing consistent progress during particular month, semester…year. Or showing a consistent practice during each week.

It's Never too late to learn music!

Have you ever wished you have learned to play music while growing up? Many adults feel this way. In fact, an astonishing 82% of Americans claim they wish they learned to play a musical instrument.

Are you one of them?

Rossi Kennedy Music Studio has a thriving group of adult students from beginners to advanced musicians. There is something for everyone here. No matter what your goals are, we’re here to support you.

adult piano lessons

Adult piano & Accordion lessons

Top Piano Teacher award


What to expect

In Rossi Kennedy Music Studio, our students :

  • Begin to learning the foundations of music (steady beat, rhythm, note reading) from the very first day, so they are prepared to learn any musical genre of their desire.
  • Reap the benefits that music lessons provide as proven by science (lowers stress, raises IQ, provides a creative outlet, delays the effects of aging – to name a few!)
  • Learn music in a comfortable environment, geared towards their specific musical interests and goals.
  • Are guided so that they are able to productively practice their music at home.

what's included

  • Private lessons geared towards your specific interests & goals.
  • A Getting Started Packet for all new students that guides you on the best ways to practice to ensure your success.
  • Unlimited makeup lessons in case you’re out of town or sick.
  • Recitals & Socials at music venues around the city.
whats included

Piano Recital, Steinway Piano Gallery

30 day guarantee

Free consultation

Please contact us for a free 15-minute student readiness assessment and introductory class. We believe 100% in what we do and have the confidence to make the following promise: If you join our program and your student doesn’t like it, we will completely refund your first month of tuition.


Miss Rossi is a very talented teacher! She is very patient and kind with my young son. My son is all boy! Very active!

I saw he had an inclination to music, but did not think he could have the concentration to learn to play the piano, but Miss Rossi taught him!

I recommend Miss Rossi to anyone, no matter age or gender, who wants to learn to play piano!

Mili Mendola

Greenville, SC

Child has been taking piano lessons since September 2013.
She has improved a lot and learned things her prior teacher did not teach.

Mrs. Kennedy is kind, calm, and good at explaining piano theory and techniques in ways that are easily understood by my child.

Her recital for her students was excellent. Mrs. Kennedy is a talented musician herself.

Kathy Belt

Greenville, SC